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I am a human-computer interaction researcher, designer, and educator.

I hold a PhD in Systems Design Engineering with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Waterloo (2021). I hold a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (Hons.) (2013), and a Master of Arts in English (Rhetoric & Communication Design) and Systems Design Engineering, Co-op (2015). I’m an active member of both the Touchlab and the Games Institute at the University of Waterloo, and a member of the international collective fempower.tech. I’m a neurodivergent, first-generation university student, thriving in a supportive, inclusive academic community, and this informs the experience I wish to make available to others through teaching, leadership, and research.

I began working as a User Experience Researcher in 2014. Since then, I have conducted studies with companies on almost every continent, remotely and in-person. I have also had the pleasure of helping to hire and train other UXRs, some of which have gone on to full-time permanent roles at companies including Google, Scotiabank, and Yelp. Due to continued demand for my services while I focussed on my PhD, I incorporated my own company in 2020, and continue to learn and grow as a researcher myself. 

I am deeply committed to service, and my research work often intersects with my service through implementation of new programs that build on what we are learning about how to make the HCI community a better place for all. 

Interdisciplinarity is the spice of my life, and I have been treated to some wonderful experiences along the way. I make a conscious effort to balance my artistic, scientific, creative, and athletic endeavours to keep all parts of my brain active, because I believe that making connections is what generates the richest ideas and lines of inquiry.

Some nice things written about me/including me —

A few favourite adventures —

  • A strange propensity for ending up on Japanese television (3 times in one month!) and meeting their larger-than-life mascots. 日本語が下手です。
  • The pilot allyship program that I worked to develop for CHI 2019 attracted over 900 potential allies, which is a highlight for me. Afterwards, a number of different conferences in and outside of the ACM asked how they could implement something similar. We are working with members of the SIGCHI Executive Committee to explore how this initiative can be sustainable and scaled in the future (SIGCHI has 23 conferences). My contributions to codes of conduct and tips for respectful behaviour have also been adopted at multiple conferences and are being evaluated for use at the SIGCHI level. I was the first Equity co-chair for the CHI conference series, a role which since has been institutionalized and adopted in most of the family of conferences. 
  • I’ve appeared on CTV News to represent the Women in Engineering committee at the University of Waterloo. I am always looking for ways to improve inclusion across all axes, where ever I am.
  • I was voted captain of my roller derby team, the Total Knock Outs, which is Tri City Roller Derby’s farm team. I started derby in August 2018, skated on the Travel B team as well. To find out my derby name, you’ll have to ask me in person!
  • I was named to Team Canada 1, the national Senior Synchronized Figure Skating team (2010-2011 season). I skated Varsity for my university, too. I have my level 1 coaching certification, and have taught very small children to skate for a very long time, as well as teaching the introductory set of ice dance patterns. I started “skating” (i.e., crying while standing on skates) when I was 13 months old; my mother is a coach herself. 
  • I love to make obscure techno jokes. I covered SXSW 2012, many years of Mutek, and a number of other events as a music journalist, and wrote for outlets like Truants (my #1), Resident Advisor, and URB magazine.
  • I played piano up to grade 10 in the RCM, and last year I pushed myself out of my shell and started taking voice lessons, and was working on my grade 6 vocal exam! I am becoming more confident with being louder and taking up space. However, my ability to increase volume remains debatable depending on who you ask. 

Enough about me. Would you like to check out some of my past UX research projects, or academic pursuits