—Human-Computer Interaction

MSCI 730: Human-Computer Interaction 
COGSCI 600: Cognitive Science
SYDE 642: Cognitive Engineering Methods
MSCI 720: Topics in Information Systems - Serious & Persuasive Games
MSCI 720: Topics in Information Systems - Games User Research

—Analysis, Math, Research Methods

PSYCH 630: Advance Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
PSYCH 632: Multiple Regression & Correlation Analysis
STAT 202: Statistics for Life Sciences
ANTH 201: Principles of Archaeology
MATH 125: Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 127: Calculus for the Sciences

—Critical Thought

INTEG 220: The Nature of Scientific Knowledge
INTEG 221: The Social Nature of Knowledge
INTEG 275: Creative Thinking
FINE 290: Art, Science, and the History of Colour
PHIL 220: Applied Ethics - Moral Issues*
PHIL 145: Critical Thinking

—Communication & Media Studies

ENGL 700: Rhetorical Studies
ENGL 791: Global Communication
ENGL 799: Media Theory & Critique - Transmedia Narrative & Design
ENGL 788: Rhetorics of Decline & Collapse
ENGL 306F: Semiotics 
ENGL 392B: Visual Rhetoric
ENGL 292: Contemporary Issues in Language, Writing & Rhetoric
ENGL 210H: Arts Writing
SPCOM 223: Public Speaking

—Arts & Language

FINE 110: Art History
ENGL 410D: Eighteenth-Century Fiction*
ENGL 451B: Literature of the Victorian Age*
ENGL 208C: Children’s Literature
FR 192A, 192B, 251, 252*, 351*: French
COOP 601: Career Success Strategies


INTEG 120: Disciplines and Integrative Practices
INTEG 121: Collaboration, Design Thinking & Problem Solving
INTEG 475: Special Topics - Real-World Problem Solving (Ontario Science Centre Collaboration)
INTEG 320: The Museum - Preparation, Research & Design
INTEG 231: The Museum - Field Study
INTEG 321: The Museum - Practicum & Presentation


BIOL 211: Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL 139: Genetics
BIOL 130/130L: Cell Biology
CHEM 120/120L: Chemistry
CS 100: Computing through Applications

* Course taken for credit at Concordia University, Montréal.