Curriculum Vitae

You can download a PDF copy of my CV here, and my cover letter here. More information on contributions to the community can be found on the Service page.

Education —

PhD Candidate. Systems Design Engineering. University of Waterloo. 2016 - 2021. 
Focus area: Human-computer interaction.
Research topics include: makerspaces/maker culture; community building; diversity; virtual reality; perception, spatial ability, usability in virtual environments; cybersickness; self-determination.
Supervised by: Dr. Mark Hancock.
Committee: Drs. James Wallace, Catherine Burns, Jennifer Boger. External: Dr. Michael Muller (IBM Research).

MA. English (Rhetoric & Communication Design) and Systems Design Engineering, Co-op. University of Waterloo.  2013 - 2015.
Thesis: “The Effects of Ambiguity: A Feminist Study of Human Signifiers in Human-Computer Interaction.”
Supervised by: Drs. Mark Hancock & Neil Randall.
Relevant courses: Cognitive Science, Advanced ANOVA, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Global Communication, Transmedia Narrative & Design.

BKI. Knowledge Integration, Honours. University of Waterloo.  2013 - 2015.
Thesis: “An integrative approach to the user experience design of technologically-mediated interactions in a convergent media climate”
Supervised by: Dr. Neil Randall.
Relevant courses: Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, Semiotics, Ethics, Computing Through Applications, Visual Rhetoric.
Activities: Varsity figure skating; Knowledge Integration Student Society founding member.

Work Experience —

User Experience Researcher. Cayley MacArthur Consulting Corp. 2020 - Present.
Driving a revamp of a booking, inventory, and business management tool for service providers, and supervising a UX designer. All research is conducted remotely and I am expanding my skillset through the use of new tools to facilitate the evolving work environment.

User Experience Research Intern. Shopify Plus. 2019.
On the Merchant Growth team at Shopify Plus, I championed an exploratory and tactical research project to determine what data or qualitative questions are best suited to identify New Enterprise merchants. With this group being a priority focus in Plus expansion efforts going forward, UXR first needs to be aligned on how to target them. From here, we will be able to make better supported decisions to support this growing group of next-generation merchants.

User Experience Researcher. Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories. 2014 - 2019.
Conducted studies with users of Genesys’ B2B products in-person and remotely, from Forbes 100 companies to regional businesses. Built relationships across the company to instil UX research into all stages of the product development cycle. Learned to write product requirements, RFPs, and applied for a patent (US Patent App. 14/726,491); used design tools to communicate insights in multiple modalities. Presented outputs up to C-level executives.

Selected Talks & Presentations —

  • Invited Talk, Autodesk Research, March 2021
  • MSCI 630 (Human-Computer Interaction) Invited Lecture: Bias in Design, February 2021
  • HCI Research 101 - Games Institute Research Assistant Training, January 2021
  • ENGL 408C (Visual Rhetoric) Guest Lecture, June 2017
  • Gender & Equity Scholarship Series Invited Talk - University of Waterloo, January 2016
  • English & Innovation Showcase - Communitech, June 2016
  • Presentation: War Games: Fatima Al Qadiri's 'Desert Strike' as X-Reality - “Rhetoric: An Aide-Mémoire” Conference, Waterloo, December 2013

Selected Installations & Demos —

  • Tunnel Divisions - Interactive Surfaces & Spaces 2016 (Niagara Falls); also submitted to Night/Shift art festival in Kitchener, Ontario 
  • INTERPLAY: Thinking Through Games (Poster Inclusion) - THEMUSEUM, Kitchener, January 2018
  • Game Changer - Museum exhibit, Ontario Science Centre, 2013 - Visited by over 200,000 people 
  • Bukimi no Tani (Uncanny Valley) - Museum exhibit, Knowledge Integration eXhibits (KIX), March 2011